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Seminar Designing with Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers with the subgroups PTFE, fluorothermoplastics and fluoroelastomers represent a special class of materials; they distinguish from the 'classical' plastics, particularly due to their high temperature resistance and excellent resistance to chemicals. With an service temperature range of -200 °C to +260 °C PTFE covers a broader temperature range than any other polymeric materials. As typical for semi-crystalline polymers the PTFEs and the fluorothermoplastics  show viscoelastic properties. Especially when used for high demanding applicationsextensive knowledge of the materials is required for the design engineers. Fluoroelastomers demonstrate their superior properties as high-performance rubbers in particular at high temperatures and in aggressive environment. However, surprisingly they may fail if the temperatures are verylow. By the addition of fillers the basic properties of fluoropolymers can be even more expanded, especially when in addition excellent tribological properties or resistance to high surface pressures are required. This is the case in particular when used as a static or dynamic seal.

However, many other applications are demonstrated in this seminar, with particular reference to the influence of the selected material, the applied processing methods and the design of the component onto the performance of the finished part.

Konstruieren mit Fluorpolymeren

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  • Characteristic properties of the Fluoropolymer groups: PTFE and modified PTFE
  • Fluorothermoplasts
  • Fluoroelastomers
  • How do elastic and viscoelastic materials perform under stress?
  • Specialties for designing seals: Static seals
  • Dynamic seals
  • Behaviour of PTFE components under dynamic stress
  • Tribological properties of Fluoropolymers Selecting and combining fillers
  • Recommendations for specific applications
  • Permeation: Origin of permeation and possibilities how to minimize it
  • Designing applications under the consideration of permeation
  • Case studies: How to design parts and applications considering production restrictions
  • Case studies and failed applications: How to avoid part failure?

Target of the seminar

The participants learn a lot about the fluorine polymer materials and their versatility in a broad variety of applications supported by the involvement of case studies. The obtained knowledge includes the material properties and the design criterias and provided valuable information on specific features of Fluoropolymers in versatile applications. Dynamic and static seals are a major focus, but  the content of the seminar by far is not limited to this.


The seminar is directed at designers and developers, who would like to receive a deep insight into the possibilities of the fluoroplymer materials. People from sales will learn about the versatility of the applications and people from production will get a feeling about their important role when converting polymer powders and granules into finished parts. 


Dr. Michael Schlipf
Dr. Michael Schlipf

Studying chemistry at the Einstein University of Ulm with gravity Polymer Chemistry; Research activity of functionalized fluoropolymers; Experience in the manufacture of high-performance polymers; then change to the application and product development, this particular employment with modified PTFE types and on the basis of compounds made; Introduction of new fluoropolymers, particularly in the areas of the semiconductor industry and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology; several years management of the research and development department of a major processor of PTFE and PTFE compounds, in particular innovative developments in automotive engine technology, the medical equipment manufacturing and the development of new satellite propulsion systems; since 2012 self-employed, specializing in the education and training at fluoropolymers, advised on the preparation of fluoropolymers and fluoropolymer projects.

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