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Seminar Methods of leak testing, theory and practice of test gas leak detection

The cause of the explosion of the U.S. space shuttle Challenger was in a defective O-ring in one of the two solid rocket boosters. To avoid leakage components, assemblies and complete systems in a number of technical applications for tightness and thus ability to function are checked.

Methoden der Dichtheitsprüfung

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Seminar content

 Basics of leak test:

  • Physical and mathematical foundations
  • Specification, calibration, accuracy
  • Materials and their influence on the leak test

 Methods of leak testing:

  • Methods overview and comparison
  • Tightness test methods and procedures in accordance with DIN EN 1779

 Leak testing and pressure testing:

  • Water pressure test
  • Gas pressure test
  • Relevance of pressure tests for leak testing

 Examples of methods and procedures of the leak test:

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemistry and plant
  • Large containers

 Practical demonstrations:

  • Leak detection with hydrogen
  • Leak test with helium

Target of the seminar

Participants will gain a profound insight into the physical basis of the leak test. The methods of leak test in accordance with DIN EN 1779 are presented in detail. For the standardized test methods of leak testing and leak detection practice examples from the automotive industry, machinery, plant and equipment and the measurement and analysis techniques are presented. 


 The seminar is intended for managers in the field of quality management, production planning and production, sales and construction.


Dr. Rudolf Konwitschny
Dr. Rudolf Konwitschny (englisch)

Study of Chemistry, PhD on Fundamentals of deposition mechanisms of thin-film solar cells. Activity as an Application Support Manager at one of the world's largest manufacturers of leak test (leak detectors for the test gases helium, hydrogen and coolant), a member of the Technical Committee tightness test of the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP), member of the Subcommittee training LT DGZfP. Longtime speaker for seminars in the fields of vacuum technology and leak testing.

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