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Seminar Leak testing in the automotive industry

Quality assurance is an issue of growing importance in the entire automotive sector. The demands increase. Already from their suppliers expect manufacturers meaningful leak test of all components that must be sealed. Whether oil pan, brake boosters or injector: For each of these vehicle components manufacturers define leakage rates, which may not be exceeded in mass production. However, a tightened legislation may lead to new, more stringent tightness requirements.

Here industrial leak testing and leak detection are not simple issues. Even the choice of the appropriate procedure will be carefully considered. Which Method is ideal for a particular application depends on many factors. In addition to the sensitivity of the error rate and reliability of the testing process are also to be considered as the investment and operating costs, which caused a certain test methods .

Dr. Jochen Puchalla © Inficon

Dr. Jochen Puchalla © Inficon

Seminar contents

Fundamentals of leak test

  • Methods without test gas (water, pressure drop test, pressure rise testing, differential pressure test)
  • Methods of calibration gas (vacuum method, accumulation method, carrier gas method, sniffing method)
  • Characteristics of different test gases (helium, hydrogen/forming gas) and operating media (refrigerant, engine substances)
  • Leakage rates and types of leaks

Leak testing in the automotive industry

  • Trends in the automotive industry and their impact on the tightness test
  • Components, methods and typical leakage rates
  • Examples of powertrain, air conditioning, security systems, injection, etc.

The top 10 most common mistakes in the leak test


Target of the seminar

With this seminar we want to give a guide on the subject. This seminar is intended to help to avoid the many potential pitfalls in selection, installation and operation of the optimum for your particular application method and the ideal test station or unit.



The seminar is aimed at those in the field of quality management, production planning and manufacturing, sales and construction in vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.


Dr. Klaus Herrmann
  • Studium der Physik
  • Promotion über Dünnschicht-Magnetfeldsensoren
  • langjährige Tätigkeit im Technischen Support bei einem der weltweit größten Hersteller von Dichtheitsprüfgeräten (Dichtheitsprüfgeräte für die Prüfgase Helium und Wasserstoff sowie die Betriebsmedien Kältemittel und Treibstoffe)
  • Mitglied des Fachausschusses Dichtheitsprüfung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung (DGZfP)
  • Mitglied der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (DPG)
  • Langjähriger, weltweit tätiger Referent für Seminare aus dem Bereich industrielle Dichtheitsprüfung

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